Standard or Customized DEADMAN / WATCH ALARM SYSTEM are now available for your offshore vessels requirements!


A Deadman/Watch Alarm System (also known as Personnel Alarm) is used to monitor the presence of an operator or detect his/her disability that could result in a marine accident.
The system monitors the ability of the duty personnel and automatically alerts the Master or another qualified person if the duty personnel is unable to respond to a series of visual and audio alerts generated by the Watch Alarm System.


  • Unmanned Machinery Spaces
  • One Man Operation Location
  • Engine Room Watch Alarm System (ERWAS)


The system can be preset to activate at intervals of 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes. Upon activation of the Watch Timer, the Watch Alarm System will alert the duty personnel by means of a Pilot Light (or flashing beacon) and an audible alarm (using a buzzer or sounder). The duty personnel will be required to reset the Watch Alarm System by pressing the Reset Pushbutton located on the Main Panel or Reset Panel. If the duty personnel successfully resets the system, the next alarm will be activated at the preset interval. However, if the duty personnel does not reset the system in a pre-defined time, the alarm is escalated to the optional Bridge Panel, Ship Alarm System or any other external alarm system.

The Watch Alarm System also allows the duty personnel to summon help from the Wheelhouse / Master in situations of emergency. This is achieved by pressing and holding down the Reset Pushbutton for more than 3 seconds.