• LAKELAND 500 Series Proximity Suit

LAKELAND 500 Series Proximity Suit

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COMPLETE WITH:-                                             
- HOOD (510)                                                     
- COAT (520BA)                                                      
- PANTS (530)                                                               
- BOOTS (555)                                                    
- GLOVES (344-02A)                                              
- STORAGE BAG (PKG-20)                                        
- SUSPENDER (136R)                          
SIZES AVAILABLE: S TO XXL(refer to sizing chart)


500 Series Approach Suit

Style Number: 500AG

Lakeland's Heat Reflective 500 Series Approach Suits are designed for personnel engaged in maintenance, repair and operational tasks in areas of low ambient, high radiant heat. The 500 Series provides an additional moisture/steam barrier lining which provides protection in areas where exposure to hot liquids, steam or hot vapor is a possibility.

MD - 5XL
500 Series Products Specification
ALM 500 Series heat protective suit
Products Description
Approach suits for protecting people exposed to heat, esp. extreme radiation heat
for relatively prolonged periods of time.
16oz./sq.yd. Aluminized BC fiberglass Stain, lining with rubber coated fabric.
Standard Style
520 Jacket with front snap fastening closures
520BA Variant of 520 with breathing apparatus pouch
522 Coverall with front zip closure
522BA Coverall with breathing apparatus pouch
530 Trousers with suspender buttons and snap closures
555 Over-boot with rubber sole and leather reinforced heel, snap closures
510 Hood with integral visor
CE Standard Description Test Standard No. Result
EN ISO 11611 Spatter impact ISO 9150 Class1 and Class2
Radiation heat transfer ISO6942 (20KW/m2) Class 1 and Class 2
EN ISO 11612 Limited flame spread ISO15025-A A1
ISO15025-B A2
Convective heat ISO9151 B1
Radiation heat ISO6942 (20KW/m2) C4
Molten aluminum splash ISO9185 D3
Molten iron splash ISO9185 E3
Contact heat ISO 12127 F1
Material Properties
Test Standard No. Description Units Result
ASTM D3776 Areal weight Oz./sq. yd. 16
ASTM D1777 Thickness mm 0.46
ASTM D5034 Breaking strength(Warp/Fill) N 2447/1780
ASTM D1424 Tear strength(Warp/Fill) N CNM/111
ASTM D6413 Flame resistance
Lakeland Product Specification
After flame Second 1.0
Char length cm 1.3
Cleaning and Maintenances
After use, suit should be cleaned and dried before packing. Clean by gently rubbing the aluminized surface with a
soft cloth or sponge with water or mild soap. If chemicals or foams have been used, wash the suit thoroughly to
prevent damage to the aluminized surface. If greases or oils are on the surface, wash with a mild soap or
Stoddard Solvent. Do not use soaps and Stoddard Solvent at 100% concentration. A recommended solution
would be one ounce of cleaning compound per gallon of water. Be sure to rinse out the soap or solvent when
cleaning is complete.
Dry garment by hanging in a well ventilated area. Do not hang in direct sunlight. Use a fan, if necessary to keep
the air around the garment. Dry clean or machine wash is not allowed. Don’t use any compounds containing
ammonia, chlorine or other oxidizing or abrasive agents when cleaning. Before reassembly and storage always
ensure that the suit is completely dry. Not allowed to storage the risk wet or with any chemical contamination.
Small blackened areas can be renewed and repaired with our Touch Up Kit to maintain an efficient reflective
surface. If the burned or damaged area is extensive, it should be replaced. Examine for rips tears, make prompt
Improper storage may result in permanent damage to the protective suit and increase your risk. Store your
protective suit in an area that is:
 Clean, dry and well ventilated, room temperature and out of direct sunlight.
 Away from sharp objects, tools or other equipment that can physically damage suits.
 Away from potential contaminants.
 Equipped with heavy duty hangers to hang the garments after use.

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