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Calgaz is the global leader in specialty calibration gases:

  • Full-range of gas and cylinder offerings for safety, marine, hygiene, and health
  • Manufactured in the USA and UK
  • ISO 9001-2015 certification and ISO 17025:2017 accreditation

The below configurations are available EX-STOCK:

P/N: 10A-4N33-C4-S , CALGAZ X05NI79CP160022,

10AL 25PPM H2S/100PPM  CO/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2

HTSUS 3822.00.6000

Country Origin of Product:  USA

10A-2N91-C4-S  (A0427553)

10AL  20PPM H2S/1.1%C3H8/N2


10A-4N33-C4-S  (A0427636)

10AL  25PPM  H2S/100PPM CO/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2


10A-H2SN04-C4-S  (A0427690)

10AL 25PPM H2S/N2


2A-2N02-C4-S  (A0432707)

2AL  8%C4H10/13.8%CO2/N2 FLAM


2A-4N03-C4-S  (A0430638)

2AL  10PPM  H2S/300PPM CO/1.45%CH4/15%O2/N2


2A-4N10-C4-S  (A0179911)

2AL  25PPM  H2S/50PPM CO/2.5%CH4/12%O2/N2


2A-4N27-C4-S  (A0180398)

2AL  40PPM  H2S/100PPM CO/2.5%CH4/15%O2/N2


2A-4N33-C4-S  (A0431485)

2AL  25PPM  H2S/100PPM CO/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2


2A-4N47-C4-S  (A0179848)

2AL  25PPM  H2S/50PPM CO/0.9%I-C4H10/12%O2/N2


2A-4N54-C4-S  (A0430697)

2AL  10PPM  H2S/50PPM CO/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2


2A-4N55-C4-S  (A0431715)

2AL  25PPM  H2S/50PPM CO/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2


2A-4N56-C4-S  (A0431288)

2AL  20PPM  H2S/60PPM CO/1.45%CH4/15%O2/N2


2A-4N69-C4-S  (A0431123)

2AL  15PPM  H2S/50PPM CO/2.5%CH4/18%O2/N2


2A-C2H5OHN05-C4-S  (A0432011)

2AL 260.5PPM C2H5OH/N2


2A-C2H5OHN12-C4-S  (A0430548)

2AL 104.2PPM C2H5OH/N2


2A-C2H5OHN16-C4-S  (A0431256)

2AL 208.4PPM C2H5OH/N2


2A-C2H5OHN17-C4-S  (A0431374)

2AL 223PPM C2H5OH/N2


2A-C2H5OHN20-C4-S  (A0432379)

2AL 521PPM C2H5OH/N2


2A-C4H10A01-C4-S  (A0430412)

2AL 0.9%C4H10/AIR


2A-C4H10N01-C4-S  (A0432719)

2AL 8%C4H10/N2 FLAM


2A-C4H10N03-C4-S  (A0430449)


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