SECUMAR FREE 100 Inflatable Rescue Device

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black/orange, manual inflation device S31, CO2-Cylinder 22 g

SECUMAR FREE 100 Inflatable Rescue Device


FREE 100


Customs tariff number: 63072000

FREE 100

Art. No. 17164

inflatable life jacket belt pack




P/N: 17164

Inflatable rescue equipment for swimmers, stand-up paddlers and all water sports enthusiasts on, on and in the water.

The FREE 100 is worn around the waist like a belt and is hardly noticeable even in swimwear. In an emergency, however, it can simply be put on and is therefore a fully-fledged means of rescue.

50 N performance class of ISO standard 12402
CE: PPE compliant with Directive 89/686/EEC, type and type tested.


The FREE 100, which was successfully launched five years ago, got a major facelift to better suit swimmers, stand-up paddlers and all water sports enthusiasts on, on and in the water.

What's new?
• Modern design.
• Ergonomic fit.
• Skin-friendly materials with additional padding.
• Elastic holders for power gel, bars and glow sticks, for example.
• Mesh stash pocket with elastic loop for key ring.

A net and false floor gives acrobats peace of mind. The FREE 100 rescue parachute with real buoyancy of 110N does the same for swimmers and others who want to play it safe. Because it is not uncommon for swimmers to think they are on the safe side in open water. But suddenly there are problems: for example in the form of a cramp or when you lose your strength.

Then comes the FREE 100. This is the new inflatable rescue device that resembles a slightly thicker belt when not in use. The float is folded tightly in a small pocket on a hip belt. Tests have shown that the belt is hardly noticeable when swimming. In the event of an emergency, the casualty pulls the float up from the pocket in front of their upper body and then directly over their head. A CO2 cartridge is activated manually. The gas flows into the buoyancy aid, provides buoyancy and stabilizes the vest and the person.

The invisible back-up system

This rescue device, which functions more widely on the other side of the Atlantic, is available from specialist retailers. Life jackets of this type are among the most popular models in the USA. While a 150N or 275N buoyancy rated lifejacket is essential for most water sports, the FREE 100 offers a good back-up system for swimmers and SUP (stand-up paddling or paddleboarding). With the vest in the belt, security is provided here, whereby the upper body can remain free.

  • Fully-fledged inflatable life jacket float.
  • Fast activation with only 3 movements!
  • Reusable with replaceable CO2 cartridge.
  • Quick stabilization of man and vest. The head and the airways remain above the water surface after activation.
  • Underlying standards: DIN EN ISO 12402-5 (CE mark), DIN EN ISO 12402-6.

Inflatable Rescue Device for swimmers, stand-up-paddlers and all watersports on and in the water.

SECUMAR FREE 100 – the latest in the 50 Newton buoyancy class – that looks like a slightly fattish belt with an inflatable bladder neatly folded into it, but tests have shown that it barely inhibits swimming. However, in case of emergency, the bladder can easily be pulled out of its pocket and placed directly over the head, the CO2 cylinder is then manually operated, inflating the lifejacket thereby stabilising the lifejacket and the person in trouble.


Inflatable Rescue Device for swimmers, stand-up-paddlers and all watersports on and in the water.

·         Fully-fledge inflatable lifejacket buoyancy chamber.

·         Quick activation in only 3 steps!

·         Lightweight: only 500g!

·         Printed folding instruction

·         Reusable by replacing CO2-cartridge.

·         2-tone whistle

·         Protective cover made of cordura

·         Rapid stabilization of men and vest.
After stabilization, head and airways remain above the water level.

·         Approved to
DIN EN ISO 12402-5. (CE mark)
DIN EN ISO 12402-6.


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