• SAFETAK GC10 Portable SO2 sulfur dioxide gas detector

SAFETAK GC10 Portable SO2 sulfur dioxide gas detector

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SAFETAK GC10 Portable SO2 sulfur dioxide gas detector

SAFETAK, GC10-SO2 (0-20ppm) Portable Gas Detector
Application ﹒
Oil & gas industries, chemical industries ﹒
Metallurgy, power station, fire & rescue ﹒
Pharmaceutical, food processing, wastewater treatment ﹒
Other toxic gases existing sites

IP67-high level protection against water and dust ﹒
Auto-zero and auto-test when power on ﹒
2 instant alarms and TWA, STEL alarm ﹒
Compact, lightweight ﹒
10 years battery storage life

Detector Type: Portable Single Toxic / Oxygen Gas Detector ﹒
Operating Type: continuous ﹒
Sensors: replaceable electrochemical sensor ﹒
Key-press Operation: 3-direction Joystick ﹒
Display: wide view LCD, display instant gas concentration and work process ﹒
Alarms Mode: visual & audible and vibrating alarm, and has different alarm mode on different alarm level
Audible alarm: 95 dB tone sandhi pulse (30 cm typical) Visual alarm: twinkling wide-angled red LED lens Vibrating alarm: the best alarm mode for noisy environment ﹒
Power Supply: 1/2 Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery ﹒ Battery Capacity: 1100 mAh ﹒ Casing: TPE/ABS double injection casing ﹒
Working Temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +50 ℃ ﹒ Humidity: < 95%RH (non-condensing) ﹒
ATEX intrinsic Safety: Ex ia C T4 ﹒ Weather Protection: IP67
Dimensions: 94x48x27 mm ﹒
Weight: 85g
  Range Resolution Alarm Setting Value Response Time(T90)
Low alarm High alarm STEL TWA
H2S 100ppm 1ppm 10ppm 15ppm 10ppm 5ppm 45s
1000ppm 1ppm 50ppm 100ppm n/a n/a 45s
CO 1000ppm 1ppm 50ppm 100ppm 100ppm 50ppm 25s
2000ppm 1ppm 50ppm 300ppm 100ppm 50ppm 50s
SO2 20.0ppm 0.1ppm 2.0ppm 10.0ppm 5.0ppm 2.0ppm 30s
O2 30%vol 0.1%vol 19%vol 23%vol n/a n/a 30s
NO 300ppm 1ppm 25ppm 50ppm 50ppm 25ppm 30s
NO2 20.0ppm 0.1ppm 3.0ppm 5.0ppm 5.0ppm 3.0ppm 40s
CL2 20.0ppm 0.1ppm 1.0ppm 2.5ppm 1.0ppm 0.5ppm 40s
HCL 20.0ppm 0.1ppm 5.0ppm 10.0ppm 10.0ppm 5.0ppm 60s
H2 1000ppm 1ppm 200ppm 500ppm n/a n/a 60s
NH3 100ppm 1ppm 25ppm 50ppm 20ppm 10ppm 40s
1000ppm 1ppm 25ppm 50ppm 20ppm 10ppm 40s
HCN 50.0ppm 0.1ppm 5.0ppm 10.0ppm 10.0ppm 5.0ppm 40s
O3 1.00ppm 0.01ppm 0.1ppm 0.2ppm 0.2ppm 0.1ppm 60s
PH3 5.0ppm 0.1ppm 0.3ppm 1.0ppm 0.3ppm 1.0ppm 30s
ETO 100.0ppm 0.1ppm 1.0ppm 5.0ppm 5.0ppm 1.0ppm 75s

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