• 3M™ Scott™  air trolley

3M™ Scott™ air trolley

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3M™ Scott™  Modulair Airline Trolley System

3M™ Scott™  air trolley

sabre air trolley

Airline Breathing Equipment for entering into a confined space. See Full Solution:


breathing air supply system

Sabre Safety has over 65 years experience in the manufacture of breathing apparatus, providing unrivalled technical support and advice. With the widest choice of airline breathing solutions, the Company's Sabre range is internationally renowned for reliability, ease of use, durability and comfort.

Ideal for environments where ambient oxygen cannot be guaranteed, airline breathing apparatus combines the highest degree of respiratory protection with long duration use. Fed by a medium pressure air hose, it is used for industrial applications as diverse as entering sewers, cleaning out tanks and spray painting military aircraft. The advantages are clear: there is no weight, no bulk and - in theory - an infinite amount of air.

Completely modular, Sabre Safety airline components afford almost unlimited flexibility, allowing the user to individually specify a system that exactly meets their operational needs. Multiple configurations can be selected from a standalone portable product - for use where no other supply of compressed air is available - to products that integrate into existing compressor-fed airline infrastructure.

MODULAIR Airline Trolley

The Modulair is a compact, easy to use airline trolley system designed to provide portable clean air in restricted access areas.

Versatile and robust, it consists of a lightweight stainless steel hose reel unit and cylinder frame that can be used independently or together. The frame is designed to carry a pair of cylinders and, where required, an additional frame can be vertically stacked to allow connection of up to four cylinders. This, in conjunction with proven 300 bar high performance pneumatics delivering up to 1000 litres of breathing air per minute, permits four people to work at the same time.

Long duration operation is made simple through adjustable cylinder bands and high pressure cylinder connectors to accommodate a variety of cylinder sizes at both 200 and 300 bar. Non-return bleed valves fitted to the cylinder connectors enable cylinders to be replaced independently for continuous operation.

To safeguard against any drop in air supply pressure the Modulair can be fitted with a medium pressure warning whistle or a DS4 (automatic distress signal unit) for both audible and visual alarms if the airline supply pressure falls below 3.8-4.1 bar (55-60 psi). In either case, the operation of the alarm informs safety rescue personnel to switch over to the reserve air supply, change cylinders or initiate evacuation procedures as appropriate.




Approved for use with EN 14593-1:2005 equipment (contact 3M for list )


Frame                                                                      Stainless steel

Hose reel drum                                                      Stainless steel

Wheels                                                                    Polypropolene

CEN couplings male                                               Stainless steel

CEN coulings female                                              Nickel plated brass with stainless steel locking balls

Manifold                                                                  Nickle plated brass

Pressure reducing valve                                      Nickle plated brass

Reducing valve seat                                              Polyamide (nylon)

O-rings                                                                     Nitrile, silicone, EPDM

Reducing valve springs                                         Stainless steel

HP pressure gauge                                                Stainless steel, polycarbonate lens

Hp pressure gauge cover                                     Neoprene

MP air supply hose fittings                                   Nickel plated brass

MP air supply hose                                                 PVC

HP air hose                                                             PTCFE liner, stainless steel braiding, estane  sleeve

Valve handwheel                                                   Glass filled polyamide

Cylinder band                                                         Stainless steel

Cylinder                                                                   Steel or composite

Cylinder valve                                                         Nickle plated brass

Rust tube                                                                 Brass

Valve handwheel                                                   Glass filled polyamide

Airline hose standard                                            PVC

Airline hose anti-static                                          Nitrile butyl rubber

First stage pressure reducing valve featuring non-adjustable, spring-loaded piston mechanism and outlet supply protected by pressure relief valve. Valve body and cap machined from nickel-plated brass with stainless steel spring and hose retainer U-clips.

Outlet pressure

200 bar inlet

5.5 to 9.5 bar

300 bar inlet

6.0 to 11.0 bar

Pressure relief valve protected

Approx. 13.5 bar

Flow restrictor to gauge supply hose

<25 litres minute

Bourdon tube type dial indicator

Safety blow-out vent in rear of gauge


+/- 10 bar between 40-300 bar

Stainless steel swivel hose fittings

Medium pressure hose

Maximum working pres

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