• SAFETAK GC10 Oxygen Gas Detector

SAFETAK GC10 Oxygen Gas Detector

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GC10 Portable Toxic / Oxygen Gas Detector

Application ﹒
Oil & gas industries, chemical industries ﹒
Metallurgy, power station, fire & rescue ﹒
Pharmaceutical, food processing, wastewater treatment ﹒
Other toxic gases existing sites

IP67-high level protection against water and dust ﹒
Auto-zero and auto-test when power on ﹒
2 instant alarms and TWA, STEL alarm ﹒
Compact, lightweight ﹒
10 years battery storage life

Detector Type: Portable Single Toxic / Oxygen Gas Detector ﹒
Operating Type: continuous ﹒
Sensors: replaceable electrochemical sensor ﹒
Key-press Operation: 3-direction Joystick ﹒
Display: wide view LCD, display instant gas concentration and work process ﹒
Alarms Mode: visual & audible and vibrating alarm, and has different alarm mode on different alarm level
Audible alarm: 95 dB tone sandhi pulse (30 cm typical) Visual alarm: twinkling wide-angled red LED lens Vibrating alarm: the best alarm mode for noisy environment ﹒
Power Supply: 1/2 Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery ﹒ Battery Capacity: 1100 mAh ﹒ Casing: TPE/ABS double injection casing ﹒
Working Temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +50 ℃ ﹒ Humidity: < 95%RH (non-condensing) ﹒
ATEX intrinsic Safety: Ex ia C T4 ﹒ Weather Protection: IP67
Dimensions: 94x48x27 mm ﹒
Weight: 85g

  Range Resolution Alarm Setting Value Response Time(T90)
Low alarm High alarm STEL TWA
O2 30%vol 0.1%vol 19%vol 23%vol n/a n/a 30s

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