3M™ Scott™ breathing air systems

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3M SCOTT breathing air systems

Airline Breathing Equipment for entering into a confined space.

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Airline breathing apparatus is the perfect solution for applications across many industries. However, the selection of the equipment has traditionally been seen as a complicated process due to the high number of options available.

3MScottFire & Safety has many years of experience in the manufacture of breathing apparatus and can provide expert advice and technical support.

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    Ideal for environments where ambient oxygen cannot be guaranteed, airline breathing apparatus combines the highest degree of respiratory protection with long duration use. Fed by a medium pressure air hose, it is used for industrial applications as diverse as entering sewers, cleaning out tanks and spray painting military aircraft

    Reduced user burden and increased wear times compared to Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

   Completely modular, 3MScottairline components afford complete flexibility, allowing the user to individually specify a system to meet their operational needs. Multiple configurations can be selected from a standalone portable product – for use where no other supply of compressed air is available – to products that integrate into existing compressor-fed airline infrastructure

What to consider when specifying.

Before specifying airline breathing apparatus, it is vital that the intended work site is subject to a thorough risk assessment and that the required equipment advised by that assessment are in place before undertaking the task.

Areas to  consider include:


        Primary air source.

This can be a factory airline, a compressor or compressed air cylinders. If a factory airline or compressor is to be used, is the air supply clean?

An Air Filter Unit (AFU) will only remove water, particulates and oil mist.    If there is any possibility of Carbon Monoxide or Carbon Dioxide in the air supply, then an air purifier will need to be used or an alternative clean air supply found.

        Supply pressure warning devices.

            How will the wearer know if there is a drop in medium pressure   supply?

Inline warning whistles give an audible warning, whereas a DS4 (automatic distress signal unit) provides both audible and visual alarms. There is an automatic switchover to cylinder air in the    3MScott

Flite COV if medium pressure air supply is   interrupted.

        Reserve air supplies.

            Do you need to provide an alternative supply of  air?

In addition to being standalone supply systems, the 3MScottModulair trolley system can be used as a back-up system, should  a  compressor supply fail

        Connecting up the system.

            How are you going to connect the users to their air supply?

3MScottFire & Safety have a range of hose types and lengths

and CEN approved couplings to meet your operational   requirements.

Choosing the right airline breathing apparatus for the job in hand.

Will the wearer always work from the same airline supply line? Will mobility between lines be  required?

Is the wearer working in a confined space or potentially hazardous atmosphere?

Depending upon the answers to these questions, the 3M ScottFlite COV or 3MScottRAS provide effective solutions to these important considerations.

3M Scott Modulair Airline Trolley

The 3MScottModulair is a compact, easy to use airline trolley system designed to provide portable clean air in restricted access    areas.

Versatile and robust, it consists of a lightweight stainless steel    hose

reel unit and cylinder frame that can be used independently or together. The frame is designed to carry a pair of cylinders and, where required,   an additional frame can be vertically stacked to allow connection of up  to four cylinders. This, in conjunction with 300 bar high performance pneumatics delivering up to 1000 litres of breathing air per minute, permits up to four people to work at the same time.

Long duration operation is made simple through adjustable cylinder bands and high pressure cylinder connectors to accommodate a variety of  cylinder sizes at both 200 and 300 bar. Non-return bleed valves fitted

to the cylinder connectors enable cylinders to be replaced independently for continuous operation.

To safeguard against any drop in air supply pressure the 3MScottModulair can be fitted with a medium pressure warning whistle or a DS4 (automatic distress signal unit) for both audible and visual alarms if the airline supply pressure falls below 3.8-4.1 bar (55-60 psi). In either case, the operation of the alarm informs safety rescue personnel to switch  over to the reserve air supply, change cylinders or initiate evacuation procedures  as appropriate.

Robust and reliable, stainless steel construction

2 or 4 man operation

2 or 4 cylinder capability

High performance pneumatics

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