• SAFETAK GC8160 Panel-Mounted Gas Detection Controller

SAFETAK GC8160 Panel-Mounted Gas Detection Controller

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SAFETAK GC8160 Panel-Mounted Gas Detection Controller

  • Designed with the latest international technology
  • GC8160 is manufactured in accordance with the EN European standards
  • The GC8160 can be used with explosion-proofed GC710 and GC720 and other compatible fixed gas detectors. 

Easy to operate

-  Independent 16 channel cards
-  3U, 19’’ standard frame dimension cabinet
-  Front card insert 
-  Separately programmable for each channel by key-press or PC
-  Audible & visual alarm for fault
-  Detect 16 channels simultaneously
-  Separate LCD screen/channel

Cost effective

-  Competitive price
-  Low installation cost
-  Reduced maintenance cost
-  Easy training

Display screen

-   Screen with all useful information 

High performance

-  Alarm mode: 3 gas level alarm per channel, system failure, over scale. All alarms are audible and visual. 
-  Main and standby power overload protection
-  Short circuit protection
-  Data memory function, addressable to history data
-  Input protection
-  Continuous detection
-  Audible alarm: 85 db
-  Input signal and output signal: 4-20mA
-  Detection mode: Oxygen, toxic gas or fuel gas detection, two or three wire 
-  Input voltage: 250V AC, 3A
-  Output voltage: 24V AC
-  Communication port: RS485/RS232
-  Consumption: 350W
-  All sensors from European origin


-  1 year


-   Relay signal board 
-   Audible and visual alarm


-   Ex d IICT6 
-   DNV10 ATEX 78798 
-   EN 60079-0, EN 60079-1


-  1 year

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