• FUJIKURA FRN-R-50, Self-righting inflatable life raft

FUJIKURA FRN-R-50, Self-righting inflatable life raft

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FUJIKURA FRN-R-50, Self-righting inflatable life raft

This self-righting inflatable life raft inflates with liquefied CO2 gas (partially mixed with N2 gas), and turns upright in the water without assistance if the raft inflates in an inverted position. It is equipped with an automatic drain valve on the floor for the safety in case of water leak, boarding ramp that unfolds automatically, thermally insulated canopy and flooring, and large water pockets to ensure stability. The raft fully inflates in 10 to 25 seconds after dropping at ordinary temperature so as to enable individuals to promptly and safely be evacuated into the life raft.

Having passed operational tests to withstand temperature range of -30℃ to +65℃ and dropping from a height of 24m, this life raft can perform ideally in either the icy waters of the northern sea or warm waters of the tropical sea.

Items Specifications
Capacity (persons)  50
Oval dimensions (m) Length: 7.28 width: 4.25
Overall height
when inflated (m)
Shape Oval tetradecagon
Total buoyancy (kgf) 20.624
Gas charge (kg) 6.7 x 5 pcs.
Total weight (kg)-A-PACK 450
Container size (m)-A-PACK φ 0.90 x 2.0
Total weight (kg)-B-PACK 321
Container size (m)-B-PACK φ 0.85 x 1.8
Total weight (kg)-Inshore 342
Container size (m)-Inshore φ 0.85 x1.8
Total weight(kg) -Offshore 314
Container size (m) 
φ 0.85 x 18
Total weight(kg)
Smooth water
Container size(m)
Smooth water
φ 0.85 x 1.
Type approval No. No.4261

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