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HAWS Ball Valve With Flag MODEL: SP288
Model SP228 Type 316 stainless steel stay-open ball valve, equipped with a stainless steel ball and ..
HAWS Barrier Free Recessed Eye/Face Wash and Shower MODEL: 8356WCC
Model 8356WCC, barrier-free, wall-mounted, fully recessed combination shower and eye/face wash with ..
HAWS Barrier-Free Chilled Dual Wall Mount Fountain MODEL: H1011.8
Model H1011.8HPS, “Hi-Lo” barrier-free, dual high polished stainless steel electric wate..
HAWS Barrier-Free Chilled Dual Wall Mount Fountain MODEL: H1119.8
Model H1119.8, “Hi-Lo” barrier-free, wall mounted, dual satin finish stainless steel ele..
HAWS Barrier-Free Chilled Wall Mount Fountain MODEL: H1109.8
Model H1109.8, barrier-free, wall mounted, satin finish stainless steel electric water cooler with 1..
HAWS Barrier-Free Concrete Wall Mount Fountain MODEL: 1047
Model 1047, barrier-free, wall mounted, vibra-cast reinforced concrete drinking fountain with expose..
HAWS Barrier-Free Steel Pedestal Fountain MODEL: 3380
Model 3380, barrier-free, pedestal drinking fountain with satin finish stainless steel bowl and gree..
HAWS BarrierFree Concrete Pedestal Fountain MODEL: 3177
Model 3177, barrier-free, vibra-cast reinforced concrete pedestal drinking fountain with exposed agg..
HAWS Bracket MODEL: 0001217418
Part 0001217418 J-shaped stainless steel wall bracket that allows for easy removal of unit. S..
HAWS Concrete Pedestal Fountain MODEL: 3121
Model 3121, square vibra-cast reinforced concrete 100% lead-free pedestal drinking fountain with exp..
HAWS Curtain MODEL: 9037
Model 9037, privacy curtain designed to be used on horizontal emergency drench shower or combination..
HAWS Dust Cover MODEL: 9091
Model 9091 yellow plastic dust cover for the AXION MSR™ eye/face wash head. SPECIFICATI..
HAWS Emergency Tempered Water Shower and Eye/Face Wash MODEL: 8760
Model 8760 skid-mounted shower and eye/face wash with a tempered water blending system, internal hot..
HAWS Emergency Water Tempering Booth MODEL: 8785
Model 8785 water resistant, polyurea membrane-encased, steel-reinforced wooden booth tempering syste..
HAWS Emergency Water Tempering Skid MODEL: 8780
Model 8780 skid-mounted tempering system comes equipped with a water heater and mixing valve for ins..
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