Fire Nozzles & Hoses

CERT (Company Emergency Response Team)

The CERT Scheme was expanded to include a broader group of Public and Industrial premises with the amendments to the Fire Safety Act on 01 September 2013 and 01 March 2014.

In the updated Fire Safety Act (Chapter 109A), all premises with Fire Safety Managers are required to set up a CERT. In addition, all premises with a Fire Certificate are required to develop an Emergency Response Plan (ERP). Compared to the previous Fire Emergency Plan (FEP), the ERP is a more comprehensive response plan that includes the evacuation plan, the in-place protection plan, the arson prevention plan and the incident mitigation plan. More details on the ERP can be found on the Emergency Response Plan webpage.


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Fire Nozzles and Applicators

Fire Nozzles and Applicators

Fire Nozzles and Applicators (Part of National CERT Equipment Supply) Nozzles & Applicator..

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